Search in Wikipedia

Free app for IPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The app performs a quick search for articles on Wikipedia by words or near your current location. The search mode changes depending on characters in the search string. You can interactively change the radius of search by location in the drawer at the bottom of the screen. The number of articles in different languages varies so the search is carried out with the language taken into account. The number of available language switches is determined by the languages enabled on the device. Enable additional languages in the Settings while travelling. Each article can go with a photo and a map if it is tagged to a location.

App on Apple Watch.
The app on Apple Watch is as autonomous as it can be and it is identical in features to the app on the phone. Connect your watch to Wi-Fi and it will be able to perform its own search and get bookmarks from the phone via iCloud. If your watch is not connected to Wi-Fi, you will have to keep it near your phone to be able to use bookmarks on the device. You can create bookmarks on your phone as well as on your watch, but of course it is more convenient to do it on your phone. They contain all the information from the saved article, not only the link. Create them beforehand if no Internet connection is expected while you are viewing the articles on your watch or your phone. Extensions for smart watch dials are available in order to start the app quickly. You can change the current language directly on the following screens: Terms (text input and results screens) and NearBy, if you firmly press the watch screen. Scribble text input is not available for all languages. Press on the Article screen to add or remove a bookmark.